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Single response view provides a larger video player, more space for the transcript, a keyword search box and a whole host of other platform features.

Click on the three button menu and select Single Response View to get started.


First of all check out the video response. If you're loading a long response, it may take a moment to load. You can skip through the response using the scrub bar, or use the speed up and slow down options.

  • Use the grey arrow icon to increase the size of the video player.


  • View the full transcript of the response. Use the keyword search to discover a particular word within the transcript. 
  • Once you've searched for a word, scroll through to view where the keyword was mentioned. The keyword will be highlighted.


  • Highlight a snippet of text you wish to view. Select Preview to watch the response snippet. Alternatively, copy the text or add the snippet to a showreel list.


  • Additional Data - View the additional data passed through to the Voxpopme platform with each video response, providing additional context to the video.


  • Themes - Voxpopme's advanced thematic analysis finds and groups the most prominent themes within your research project. By selecting a themed tile, you will see the snippets of the response where the theme has been mentioned within the video.


  • Lists - Any snippets from this response that have been added to a showreel list will appear in the Lists section. Select the Lists tab to view the snippets from the response that have been added.
  • Tags - Add notes and comments to each video response with tags. View any tags that have already been added to the responses within the Tags section too.
  • Annotations - Annotations allows the labelling of particular tasks, actions or behaviours within a response. Any annotations added will be displayed in this section.
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