Qualtrics XM Agile Video Discovery Beta - Introduction to exploring your video responses on Voxpopme

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Hello there - welcome to the Voxpopme platform and thank you for participating in the Qualtrics XM Agile Video Discovery Beta!

This short guide provides a brief introduction to getting started with your video insights. Strap yourselves in! 

Getting to Know Your Responses

At Voxpopme, we strive to ensure working with video is as easy as possible. This article will run you through a couple of key features that will help you analyze your video content with ease. Each section will have a read more option, that will direct you to an article with more info on that particular feature.

Responses view

When your Qualtrics XM Agile Video Discovery project is completed and you have clicked through to explore your responses, you will land on the Responses view for that project. A project contains all of the video responses captured for a particular study. Each response includes a video, transcript and any additional data captured as part of the survey the video question(s) was embedded into.

Read more about the responses view


Use the transcript search bar at the top of the responses view to search for a key term you’re interested in exploring. (That’s right - because we’ve transcribed your videos, they are now a searchable database of insights!) 


Any additional data that has been passed through when your video responses were captured can be used to filter your responses by e.g. you can filter by a specific question. Select filters in the top right, choose from the dropdown what you would like to filter by. Apply as many filters as you wish. 

Read more about search and filters

Theme Explorer

Our theme analytics engine has automatically identified the keywords and phrases most prominent within your project. Select Theme Explorer view which themes have been extracted. Click on a theme you wish to view and check out the video clips where the theme has been mentioned. Using Theme Explorer will help to speed up your review and analysis process.

Read more about Theme Explorer 

Using your responses and insights to tell a story 

Lists & Showreels

A list is a collection of the video clips and slides that you would like to create a showreel from. Create lists from within projects by selecting the clips you’d like included.  By clicking into a list, you can view any showreels that have been created from the list. These showreels can be downloaded or a sharable landing page can be created. 

Learn more about creating lists and sharing showreels


Next Steps

We know you’re keen to get going, but please do get in touch with your Beta contacts to arrange a platform walkthrough before you get started with analysing your responses.

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