How to upload responses with the Voxpopme Offline App?

Voxpopme Help Team UK -

Once you've finished recording your responses, it's time to sync them with the Voxpopme platform to get the most out of Voxpopme's analysis tools. Please make sure you've got an internet connection for this step. 

Follow the steps below to upload your videos.

1. Launch the application.

2. Open the application menu by tapping on the menu button in the top right.

3. Tap on the 'Responses' menu item and the application will show all your captured responses.


4. If some of your responses need to be deleted, select these responses and tap on trash icon (top right).


5. Select rest of the responses by tapping on the top left check box.


6. Tap on the Synchronize button (just to the left of the trash icon) and the app will upload responses to Voxpopme platform. 


7. The app will update your 'Captured Responses' list and report error or success once it finishes the upload operation.


8. All uploaded responses can now be accessed from the 'Uploaded' section.


9. In order to reclaim disk space on Android device, select uploaded responses and tap on trash icon.  Your  videos will still be available in the Voxpopme portal.


10. The app will delete uploaded video files from your device only and will report on operation completion.



11. The app provides storage information for better user experience.



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