Having trouble logging into the app?

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  Are you having trouble logging into the app?

There are few various issues you could face when trying to log in.

  Internet connection is down

If you see this error message then this could mean, either your internet connection is down, or there are unknown causes for your login issue. Please exit the app and try again after a few minutes. Try to switch to another internet connection (from 3G to WiFi or vice versa).

  Email login issues

Please check your email and password. If you don't remember password, please reset your password. Some users are getting their accounts suspended for breaching our terms and conditions. These users will no longer be able to login with this account again.

  Facebook login issues

Please refer to help article How to resolve Facebook login errors?

  Unknown error

If you are still not able to login please contact our help team by emailing hello@voxpopme.com.

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