Why has my response been declined?

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Reasons why responses are declined 

Voxpopme solely depends on video responses recorded from you smartphone camera, to make sure our brands receive good quality video responses that they can use there is an element of quality control in place.

Responses can be declined for the following reasons; 

1.    You failed to answer the question being asked

This could be simply down to a misunderstanding of the question, where the response is not what the client was looking for.

2.    You failed to answer based on the required further information

Each question has supporting further information that the company posting the question would like you to cover in the response; this is normally enforcing your opinion to why you feel that way,

3.    You did not speak for a minimum of 15 seconds

All Voxpopme responses are required to be between 15 and 60 seconds, this gives you enough time to cover all points in the question.

4.    Your face is not clearly visible

This could be due to bad lighting, or simply a smudge on your camera. When recording Voxpopme responses, please ensure that you can clearly see your face.

5.    There are audio or visual issues

This can be a number of things; audio issues include background noise, from the television or surrounding talking, other audio issues could be that Voxpopme has been denied access to your microphone. Visual issues, similar to your face not being clearly visible, there could be a problem with Voxpopme accessing your camera.

6.    Your response contains inappropriate content

Inappropriate content includes (but is not limited to) nudity in any form, swearing, or recording video responses in beds, baths, toilets or vehicles that you are operating, or if the person in the video response appears to be under the age of 18, which is the minimum age you need to be to have a Voxpopme account. Similarly, if the person recording the response appears to be considerably younger than their Voxpopme age, responses can be declined due to inappropriate content, and you may be emailed to verify your age.

You can view your response by going back into the app, but you cannot resubmit your response. 


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