How to save my account

Voxpopme Help Team UK -

You have been sent to this help article because your Voxpopme account may be in trouble. This is because your recent Voxpopme responses have either been approved as poor or declined by our team of reviewers.

A previous message was sent to you with a number of helpful pointers on how to improve your Voxpopme responses, however it appears your responses have not gotten any better.

Unfortunately at Voxpopme, because the responses solely rely on video, we need to keep a high level of quality. In line with our terms and conditions, it is at the discretion of Voxpopme to deactivate any user account that does not withhold with the standard of responses we look for.

It looks like we will be deactivating your Voxpopme account soon. There is the option to appeal this, please email if you would like to find out more.

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