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Facebook login error

Are you seeing this or similar error message?


"An error occurred whilst logging in to Facebook. Please check your internet connection and try again."

If you are seeing this error message when using the Facebook login, and your internet connection is working fine, then it's likely that the app couldn't log you in with your because it still has your old user details from Facebook, which is happening when people change their Facebook passwords.

The login failure doesn't always happen at the same time you change your Facebook password, because the Voxpopme app may have cached your old login details. The error can suddenly occur when the cache routinely clears itself, which can be days later. 

There are three possible ways that you may have Facebook installed on your iPhone;

  1. Native iOS integration (Your Facebook account is shown under your settings)
  2. Facebook app login. (No Facebook account in settings, but Facebook app IS installed)
  3. Browser-based login (No Facebook account in settings, Facebook app NOT installed)

You may not know which installation you have, but the most common one is the first one (Native iOS integration).

To check, if you have a native Facebook account configured, go to Settings. If you see Facebook listed then you have a native integration.

Next, you need to remove and reinstall your account details, as it’s likely that when you changed your Facebook password recently, the native Facebook token did not update, meaning your old password is likely still in place.

To remove your old Facebook account details click into ‘Facebook’, select your name, then press the red Delete Account button, and confirm that you want to Remove Facebook Info. This does not delete Facebook from your phone, it simply deletes your login info. 

After removing the account from your iPhone settings, you reactivate it simply by typing your Facebook username and new password back in.

Once you’ve done this you can then try logging into Voxpopme again and it should work.

If you haven't got Native iOS Facebook integration then you may have;

        1. Facebook app  (No Facebook account in settings, but Facebook app IS installed)

        2. Browser-based Facebook  (No Facebook account in settings, Facebook app NOT installed)

If this is the case then try opening Facebook and  logging into Facebook with your new password. This should refresh the token and you should be able to login to Voxpopme again. 


If you are not able to login, please contact our help team by emailing

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