How-to record a Voxpopme video response

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This article will take you through some of our FAQs and best practices to help you record a great video response. Instead of typing out your response, you can record a short video response using a device with a webcam or front-facing camera. 

Do I need to provide access to my microphone and camera?

Yes, you will be required to allow access to your microphone and camera on your device. If you have denied access to your microphone or camera, and you're on desktop, reload the capture widget and select allow. If you're on mobile, head to your phone settings, select the browser, and ensure you have selected allow for your microphone and camera. 

The capture widget won't recognise my microphone, what shall I do?

This is likely to be because you have a few different devices inputting audio (this could also be caused by some recording software you may have installed). Head to your sound preferences, and ensure your input is set to the correct microphone. 

How long will my response take to upload?

Depending on your device, and the length of your video, the upload time of your response may vary. This should take up to a minute. Please bear in mind if you're on an Android device default camera recording settings may result in files created in excess of 100MB. If you wish to record your response, please ensure you are on Wi-Fi and please be patient while your file uploads. Alternatively, please visit this URL from your desktop/laptop.

Is there a minimum required network speed?

There is no specific minimum speed required. On mobile, the file will be uploaded based on the connection speed available. On desktop, the video will stream at the speed available, when the recording is stopped it will upload any remaining data on the connection speed available.

Here’s a couple of do's and don’t's! 

Response do's:

Tick.png Make sure you're using your front-facing camera

Tick.png Ensure we can clearly see your face

Tick.png Talk for at least 15 seconds

Tick.png Check there isn't too much background noise

Response dont's:

Cross.png Cover your camera during recording, it's important we can clearly see you.

Cross.png Use any inappropriate language.

Cross.png Record when you're in bed, the bath, driving or topless.

Cross.png Answer any questions you don't feel confident answering.  


Check out this short video on how to record a great video response:

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