My vox pops haven't improved

Voxpopme Help Team UK -

Unfortunately it looks like your responses haven't improved, every poor response you are scored will decrease your Voxpopme user rating. There are a number of different criteria's that responses are scored against, below are the most frequent reasons responses are reviewed as poor:

Audio problems - this will mainly be down to background noise; voices in the background, television noises, street noises. Be sure that when you record the response, you are in a quiet environment.

Visual problems - the room could either not be well-lit, there may be a smudge across your camera, or  too much movement. Make sure your face is fully visible before you begin recording, and avoid recording the response while you are moving 

The question wasn’t fully answered - check the question and further details, make sure you have tried to cover all the points in the further information. Normally each Voxpopme question will only contain 2 or 3 points to cover in the 60 seconds,  that should be able to fit into the allocated time.

Remember, you don’t have to answer every question, bear in mind that your response is judged on the content. If you don’t think you know enough about the topic to leave a good response, you can always leave the question.


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