How can I improve my responses?

Voxpopme Help Team UK -

At Voxpopme we look for the very best quality responses, you may not be seeing any questions in your stream currently because you have left poor or declined responses. 

Check out this short video on how to record a great response: 


Here are some tips to make sure you are recording the best Voxpopme responses:

  We ask for Voxpopme responses to be recorded in a light and bright environment, so that your face is clearly visible, be sure to stand still so the visual is not disturbed by too much movement.

   Make sure the response is recorded in a quiet environment, if you can ensure you are stood still to minimise rustling. Be aware of television or any other background noise.

   Each Voxpopme question has attached further details.  Always read the further info carefully, and cover each point in your answer. The further details includes more information that should be included in your response. In your response, try to cover everything in the question and further info in the response where possible. 

   Make sure your face isn't too close, get your head and shoulders in.

   We want to hear your opinion, remember you don’t have to answer every question in your question stream - feel free to leave questions you feel you don’t know much about and won’t be able to leave a great response to, once the quota is full the question will disappear from your stream.


Don’t forget that there is the option to playback your video to ensure all the something are met.



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