I'm only seeing 'Just For Fun' questions

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If you are only seeing our ‘Just For Fun’ questions in the app, you may need to improve your responses! This could be because your user rating is below the qualification level of a good Voxpopme respondent. 

Until your responses improve you will not be able to answer any paid questions. But don’t worry, answering our ‘Just For Fun’ questions well will improve your response scores and soon you’ll be able to answer paid questions again.


Here are a few points on how to improve your responses

Tick.png  Record your response in a light and bright environment where your face is clearly visible

Tick.png  Make sure it’s quiet and there is no distracting background noise like music or television.

Tick.png  In your response try to cover everything in the question AND the further details which you will see attached to the question

Tick.png  Remember you can always playback your response to check over it


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